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Lichfield District Explorer Scout Team


District Explorer Scout Leadership Team


The District Explorer Scouts is led by a District Explorer Scout Commissioner who is responsible for managing the provision across the District and reports directly to the District Commissioner.

To see who is on the District Explorer Scout Leadership Team and to find out a little bit about them please click here.

Explorer Scout Sub-Committee


The Explorer Scout provision is supported by the Explorer Sub-Committee which is a committee of the main District Executive. The sub-committee is made up of a variety of key persons including a Chair, the District Explorer Scout Commissioner, Explorer Scout Leaders of our units, Explorer Treasurer, and parent representatives.

To see who’s who on the Explorer Sub-Committee click here.

Unit Leadership Team


Each unit is led by a Explorer Scout Leader and assisted by a number of Assistant Explorer Scout Leaders and Sectional Assistants who are responsible for offering a weekly balanced programme to all Explorers across the District. This includes running weekends away, camps, adventurous activities whilst promoting other opportunities both within and outside of Scouting.

Click the relevant unit to see who’s who on the units leadership team for Columbus ESU, Beacon ESU and Bear ESU.

District Young Leaders Team


The running of the Young Leaders scheme is managed by a District Explorer Scout Leader (Young Leader) whom is responsible for organising and running the young leaders scheme. The young leaders team’s role is to facilitate and deliver the young leaders scheme whilst providing essential support and advice to our young leaders across the District and the leaders whom support them.

To see who’s who on the District Young Leaders team click here.